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Had a Slight Flood in Your Bathroom?

Tips on How to Perform Basic Water Restoration in a Bathroom

 Whether you had a minor leak or a major flood in your bathroom, you should get it cleaned up immediately, this will prevent water damage and mold and mildew growing. Fortunately, there are some water restoration methods available to dry a floor and help prevent long-term water damage. The first thing you need to do is find the source of the leak and stop it, when possible.

 Then, you will have to begin drying the area out using anything which is absorbent, such as towels and mops. Some leaks, however, will need more attention, in these cases, you should call in a water restoration specialist or use special equipment. In some cases, the problem will be apparent and can be stopped straight away, like overflowing bathtubs or sinks. However, with a toilet you may have to use a screwdriver to tighten up a part, or stop the leak temporarily using an absorbent towel.

 You could have to put off fixing the problem, using the water has been cleaned up, this will prevent further water damage. Also, remember to remove any items from the floor, which could be damaged by the water, like rugs or linen baskets. Once the water has been stopped, use multiple towels to soak up all the excess water.

This can be achieved using a mop and bucket, as is any method which allows you to dry the water up rapidly, in order to avoid any further bathroom water damage. If you have tile or laminate flooring, try to stop the water from going onto any carpeted area, as the carpet’s padding will be ruined by the excess moisture. Basically, your overall goal is to dry up the water as fast as you can, as any standing water will seep into the surrounding walls, which will result in mold and mildew growing.

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